Taking Calls , Using Cell Phone # or Awnsering Serv ?

I was wondering if i should try and get a vanity # , and use it on my cell phone or use a 800 # awnsering service to take all my calls , i dont want to spend for than 50 - 75 bucks a month on it , but i just would like to know what gets the best results and im sure i would have way more time on my hand if i use a awnsering service.

  1. Does anyone use a vanity # , and who do you use ?
    2.What awnsering service do you use ?
    3.Or what type of cell service , pre paid or contract ?

Please Help !!!

I use a call capture system for our stuff… This is who I use… I find them very reasonably priced.


If you are a beginner, take the calls yourself.

IMO, you’re always better to have an answering service answer your calls. Do you really want to talk on the phone during dinner in a restaurant or as you’re driving down the street with a friend in the car? An answering service sounds much more professional, too. Just my 2 cents.

So who would you use for this service ?

I agree.

So who would you use for this service ?

Personally, I use Patlive. Theirs a ton of investors who use them…probably more than any other service I know of. However, they’re a bit on the pricey side. Just remember, you get what you pay for though.


And I would never use answering services again.

There is no way of knowing how many leads are being lost because they are thrown into limbo while some of the operators at the company picks their nose.

Answer the calls yourself, next in line is to get a virtual assistant with backup to take the calls, next is to hire a fulltime phone person.

Dang Tien, you’re kinda cranky the last day or so…

Don’t turn into me! LOL


Unless you are getting more leads than you care to handle or if you have a day job and cannot answer the phone, answer the phone yourself. The money spent on answering service should be spent on marketing.

Some people use answering service for the wrong reason. They are used to take some of the load off of you, not to be your main lifeline. If you are having dinner and don’t care to take the call, sure forward your phone to an answering service.

Any reason why you do not want to get the calls yourself?

Personally, I use an 800# that can be forwarded to whatever phone number I want (my cell, home, office etc.) and I usually take all the calls myself.

Most of the time I just leave it forwarded to my cell, but I can change it on the fly via the internet if I am going to be at another number or want someone else (virtual assistant, etc) to answer the calls.

There are other tracking type features that come with the service (which frankly, I don’t use as much as I should) and it is fairly cheap ( I think I pay about $5 dollars a month and 6 or 7 cents a minute)

Since you ask who we use… here is a link to more info: http://newsabout.com/800service

I have been on the side of answering your own telephone so long that I have written articles on the subject… However recently I have had to change my thinking just a little…

You are most definitely the most important person to answer your telephone UNTIL you can hire and train a support team to do that for you… Whether a “Pat Live” ( aka Crappy service) or an employee…

But here is the deal… when you send out 1000 letters or put an ad in the newspaper you better do one of two things… Answer the frigging phone or have it answered…

So for those of you who are to busy to answer the tele hire that service, for those that are needing to make certain that all calls are received with the highest impact possible answer it yourself…

Lastly make certain you use a script…

Good Luck