Taking a bird dogs lead information and then cutting the bird dog out of profits

This must happen frequently. How can bird dogs avoid this?

Big dog finds a deal
Gives all the info to the investor
The investor tells the bird dog its nothing of interest
Then the investor goes in, and buys the property
The investor does not tell the bird dog
The big dog doesnt know
The investor made money on one of the properties the bird dog brought them
The big dog keeps bringing the investor deals


There is what's called a "Birddogs Agreement" where the investor agrees to pay said birddog xx % or a flat xxx dollars for each deal!

Reputation is everything so only a stupid investor would try to cut out the birddog!

Sellers do not want to deal with people with bad reputations!

Investors whose reputation is to rip off "Birddogs, sellers, service providers, realtors, lenders, etc. will not be in business very long!

Birddogs should track the properties they bring for status and new buyer!

If new buyer is investor who said birddog has a birddog agreement and did not get paid?



I agree with Gold River. The investor that cuts out his bird dog is not a big dog. He won’t get to be a bird dog doing that. Now if the investor is brought the same deal by 2 or more bird dogs you may think that happened to you. There are rules to bird dogging and if you don’t follow them you have no status, it’s just conversation. You need to contract the property ans assign it to the investor.

Thanks for the input. My issue with the lady I bird dog for is that I am left out of what is going on behind the scenes with their deals. I bring her addresses and then never heard back from her…

I decided to continue bird dogging for this lady. In addition to that, I plan to offer to bird dog for one or two other investors. This will give me a better idea of how the investor/bird dog relationship really works.