I am looking at getting some basic graphic T-'s along with some collared polos made. Does anyone have any good recommendations for quality shirts and good prices?


while back, I ordered few Ts from Zazzle.com. I liked the fact that I could customize my own graphics. Ts ran around $14.95 or so… I believe you can get them cheaper somewhere else, but you need to see how flexible are they with the design/graphics.

There are many wholesalers online. It really depends a lot on the quality of the shirts, type of printing, etc. This is an area that requires considerable research before ordering IMHO. I have had shirts made cheaply for a single event that ran $2-3 a piece wholesale (500 or more screened), but if you want them to last, pay more and go for thicker shirts and consider custom embroidering. Just my .02

I have also heard good things from Zazzle.com. Another site I have heard pretty good things about as well is www.vistaprint.com. Vista Print looks like they have some pretty cheap prices for the time being.

I actually work for a uniform company, I can get you a great price for high quality tees. They start at $4.00 each for 24 tees. Pricing varies based on number of colors used in the designs and how many places on the shirt will have printing.
No setup charges.

Check Out

Queensboro - http://www.queensboro.com


VistaPrint - http://www.vistaprint.com

I second Fadi’s recommendation of zazzle.com, if you’re just having a few shirts made. Shirts comes out looking “just like the picture” when you use their online design tool. Their turnaround time is extremely fast, also.


It really depends what you are buying the t-shirts and polos for.

We outfit our entire team with them and it proved to be a big freakin hassle.

Perhaps you are already super successful…if not…this is not the best use of your money

Think of it this way…image won’t pay your mortgage

Hope this helps,


mcembroidery.com is a company that does high quality work nd has good prices

Warning about Vista Print…I ordered some business cards from them and went through the online checkout as usual. Well… they went into my bank account several days later and took a lot of money…caused me to go into the negative…before I realized what had happened my banker called me and told me I was in the negative and how much. I didn’t even know. I have several accounts and hadn’t checked this one account in a while.

Finally after about a week and a few heated calls to Vista Print…they reluctantly refunded the money…but refused to refund the overdrafts. My banker wiped the overdrafts out for me.

They claimed that when I went through the checkout that a pop up window came open and I joined some kind of membership program…which I didn’t! I told them I have a pop up blocker so a pop up couldn’t have came unless I ok’ed it. All I wanted was my business cards.
I had ordered from Vista Print before so I know how to use their system and I knew what I wanted. I never join those online things and never seen one of Vista PRint.

All I wanted was a simple little order of business cards and ended up nearly messing up my account. If it had not been for my banker watching and letting me know…who knows how much they would have eventually took.
So just be very aware when using Vista Print.

i ordered from them multiple times, so have thousands. They are legit company. shit happens from time to time…

I say just go buy some calloway shirts, you can use most brands as long as you dont cover their logo… But using a brand like calloway as your company polo shirt gives the idea that you are an established well to do company…

what are calloway shirts???

Callaway… Sorry I miss spelled it before, but if you arent asking because i just misspelled it, Callaway the golf brand… A polo shirt with their logo on it


Had a few different T shirt orders through them, GREAT customer service and products.