T-Shirts as Walking Bill Boards - Any Good Results?

Has any one tried or heard the results from paying teenagers to wear marketing T-Shirts through the malls and stores? You know maybe Bright Yellow shirts with Black print saying “WE BUY HOUSES” or “HOME BUYERS CALL…”.


Personally I would not do it. I don’t mind handing out tshirts, but I would not pay someone to wear them and I would not expect much from them. This would be something extra, on the side but not a marketing campaign.

People get paid to; post bandit signs, stand on street corners holding signs and acting crazy, put decals on their car windows, pass out door-to-door fliers, and put fliers on cars,… so why not wear t-shirts and walk up and down a crowded mall for maybe 4 hours.

Maybe it can be a new fad called Ad Space T-Shirts. People get the shirts for free, with maybe 4 ads on each shirt.

you asked and I answered. If you have already made up your mind, then why ask? go for it.

I’m glad to get your opinions. I was asking if anyone hear of the results.

That sounds like a plan. Pay some guy 100 bucks or so to stand outside for a couple of hours and wave a bandit sign to attract people to your site.

I’ve ordered a couple of shirts that I force relatives to wear around. Don’t know if your relatives are as willing, but hey, it’s free! I’ll let you know if I get any responses.

I never tried a t-shirt when I began investing back in 1984, but I did purchase a jacket which on the back simply said I Buy Houses

I did get some responses to it, plus a tax deduction!


It could work. Test it out and see with 4 T-shirts. Cant hurt and its such a small investment.

I feel this might work best with attractive young girls wearing the tshirt. Maybe make it a tank top? or short shorts?


T=shirts work but why pay someone to wear them… Maybe ask everyone you pay to wear them… Food for thought.