T. Harv Eker

Has anybody had experience with this guy? Is it worth $70 to go and listen to what he has to say?

I don’t know what he offers for only $70, but I’m guessing it’s an intro to his main all-day course.

You can find a lot of his videos on video.google.com.

I’m familiar with one aspect of his teachings, which deals with earning a million in any business within 3 years. It basically involves systematizing the business so it runs without you needing to be there, and then expanding or franchising multiple ‘copies’ of your business.

That’s how he first made his fortune… I believe he used the franchise model for a small gym and then sold the chain for over a million.

you can pick up his audio CD which is pretty good.

I also have a copy of the Mike Litman interview with Harv Ecker and it is informative. I was listening to it the other day.