syracuse New York

I’ve been reading that Syracuse New York has good investment opportunities for a small time investor like myself. Anyone have bad/good experiences?

A couple of questions:

(1) Are you from there?

(2) Do you own a snow shovel?


Ha! i’m in Queens, New York. We were going to hire a property manager.

I’ve been to the area but never researched for investment. I invest at home…my wife doesn’t even like investing across the river in the next parish (5 miles)…!


I think up in the area around Syracuse is one of the only areas in the country that’s depreciating right now. That’s probably why people have mentioned that it’s a good investment opportunity. There and Buffalo. Don’t have any personal experience but that’s what I’ve heard.

Is it from all the job losses up there? Every other week a major company up there is laying people off. Kodak, Rochester, is on verge of massive layoffs, no one buying film but are buying digital cameras. Kodak Digital Cameras are made in China, the film is made in Rochester.

i researched places like syracuse, buffalo and detroit. all of them have similar profiles in the sense they’ve had negative population and job growth for decades. until this turns around, i’m staying away from them despite the rosy cashflow numbers.