Switch Zones

There is a home right near commercial property in my town, things been vacant FOREVER. I’m talking 4-5 years, all boarded up. I wanna try to see if I can invest in it.

How hard would it be to make it a commercial property from residential?

I give up, how hard is it to make it a commercial property from residential?

That is a joke…this is different based on where you are. It is a local question. You need to go and find out.

This is a zoning issue…you need to visit the Zoning Board or the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Do you know for a fact that it is zoned commercial…the zoning in the area may be “mixed use”…


Oh sorry if the question seemed moronic, was just on my lunch break and thought of the property.

It’s not a moronic question at all…it may require some legwork. You’ll need to call or go to the Town/City offices and find out what the zoning for the address is. If it is zoned commercial and you want to use it for residential they will be able to tell you how to apply for a “variance”. Happens all the time. Unless there is something strange (like it’s zoned “heavy industrial” or something of that sort)getting a variance should not be all that difficult provided it has all the necessaries (adequate sewage, electrical, bathrooms, etc.). But, there is a possibility that it is zoned for mixed use and is a residential.


Yea I think its a residential home, I would want to make it a commercial property, perhaps even knock it down and build a little shoppign building, etc.

My dad owned a residential building once right across from a main road in town and was running his business out of it. He tried to make it a commercial property to get some extra $$$ out of it, but for one reason or another the town wouldn’t let them. I think it had to dow ith the neighbors objecting.