Sweet and Sour Deal

The sweet:

I have found a buyer in pre-foreclosure. She is 7 months behind on payments on a mortgage of $189,000. She accepted an offer of $210,000 for the house which is valued between $315 - 345,000. Can I flip this to a fellow investor for $265,000 without having actuallly having to get a mortgage? Is that how “assignments” work? How quickly can this be done?

The sour:

My credit was pulled by a local mortgage company about a week ago and my mid was a 615. However, I am 2 months past due on a mortgage because of my bank account being frauded by the theft. I am current on all other credit and car payments.

Is there a broker that can do this deal or any future deals that I get like this? I get quite a few, I am also a real estate agent. Any suggestions on how to structure this deal would be greatly appreciated.

(hard money is the last option)

I’d write the offer to purchase “subject to” the existing financing and bring the defaulted loan current (through escrow).

Where is this property?
How did you arrive at the “value”?