Surviving in this Market???

Hello, Investors

What are some of you guys opinions on the best strategies to Cash Out in this Market [i.e. plenty of houses - Not enough Retail buyers]!

Is it just a time for Fix-Hold-Rent-and pray for a REFI?:

I would like to here from some of the Experienced Investors on this topic. I have been Wholesaling and Investing for a while now, but slowed up when the market went south as some of my End Buyer Investors became petrified as bank funding became scarce and private money and hard money guys were closing their doors left and right! Just trying to come up with some feasible and sensible stratigies to captilize on this market.


it is such an odd time. I dont think anyone has a sure fire plan. The US is going to be deleveraging for some time. we are also going to see more deflation.

many of the buyers and flippers are sitting on inventory and most are struggling to hold on to it. Depending on your market you may not be near the bottom. I don’t think we are near the bottom in my market. There are still a lot of people holding on to homes they cant afford much longer.

We are also about to see option arms resetting, which were the loans that were negative armorization, which is going to be scary. This will peak in 2009 and taper off until 2011!

I dont think we will see much cashing out anytime soon.

Is it just a time for Fix-Hold-Rent-and pray for a REFI?

I think it is time to Fix and Hold for the long term and “cash out” with cash flow!


Yes. I agree. Thanks, Guys.

Cash is king - there used to be one particular guy on here who used to say that all the time.

Anyhow - now more than ever. If you’ve got the cash - you’re sitting pretty.

I thought this site had a lot of good links on investment property investing - books, landlording stuff, etc. -