Sure fire way of getting call backs on your mailings

What ever happened to the topic? After getting 1600 views, 65 replies, and 143 emails, some folks thot it might be a worth while idea. It just completely disappeared. I had nothing to sell or promote except an idea that has worked well for me.

I’m not a mod and can’t say for sure, but I assume it is because the post wasn’t within the posting rules. Even though you weren’t selling anything, there was no discussion in the thread, just people wanting the post card. That is probably why it was removed. I don’t know for sure though. A mod will probably comment about it.

Which leads me to a question…is there a certain place where investors can put up examples of post cards, letters, business cards, ads, spread sheets, etc?

My personal opinion is that forums should be used to ask questions and for discussion.


I noticed that elsewhere on the net you were just looking to share your card, but the Forums are not the place to do it.

This is a discussion board and as BoboTheKing pointed out should be used to ask questions and for discussions. Not for E-Mail harvesting to the new folks, reminds me of a recent post by a poster here, this lady was only sharing her drop dead pre-foreclosure letter out of the kindness of her heart and not selling anything either.;action=display;threadid=11804

John $Cash$ Locke

I appriciate your responce. I never looked at it that way. All I saw was others sharing their frustration about geting their mailings noticed or responded to. The tactic I shared had worked very well for me and I thot it might be useful for others. I’m sorry that it was seen as anything other than that


I have a post card for direct marketing to Subject To sellers that is elsewhere on the net and it is a free download. I has been downloaded 13,777 times by the hit counter on the site it is on.

Not one email address do I have from anyone who downloaded the card, just my way of giving back.

I will say that it started just like you did with I have a post card and posters were replying please send it to me, I thought about it and asked the owner of the site to put it in the download area, for several reasons one I would have spent months replying and two was not looking for anyones email address.

John $Cash$ Locke

So where is your postcard Cash???



It is on at a different discussion board and it would not be right for me to post the sites domain name in all fairness to the owner of this site.

Maybe someone might suggest to the powesr that be here at the REI Club that a download section be devoted to those that want to share their materials with others.

John $Cash$ Locke

Thats a very good idea. Who do I suggest it to?
Thats what I had told TNInvestor he should do so he didnt have to email it to everyone but I didnt know if it was possible on here.


Look under Site Navigation to the left, then go to Contact REI Club and state your case.

John $Cash$ Locke

Ok, done.

Do you think one person requesting that is enough to justify doing it? Should there be a poll or something to show everyones interest?


There is some way to do a poll on this board only I do not know how. So I see no problem if you want to find out and give it a try.

Just make sure you explain the poll properly so others will understand, what you are trying to accomplish.

I certainly will vote.

John $Cash$ Locke

John, I see where to do a poll.
Did you get the message I sent to you?


Remember your subject heading needs to be strong so you get the posters to “need” to take a look.

The main copy should describe exactly what you are trying to accomplish, so the posters take “action”, then it will need to sell the powers that be on the idea.

Just read your private message guess we are thinking along the same lines, let me take a few and see what we can come up with together?

John $Cash$ Locke

Sounds good, I’ll be waiting to see what you think/come up with…

I would greatly appreciate if you gurus out there can send me contents of marketing post card for owners who are in foreclosure process or a website link where I can download it. Many thanks.


How about just just posting

Front of post card looks like – bla bla bla and it says Bla bla bla

Back of post card looks like – Bla bla bla and says bla bla bla

That should make everybody happy…




His post is gone as I just deleted it and private messaged him about why his post was deleted.

Yes, he could just post what it says front and back, but then he would not be able to harvest emails and sell whatever it is he is selling or is going to sell.

If he were really sincere and upfront, he would have just posted the way you suggested, guess they figure the pro’s don’t know what is going on.

John $Cash$ Locke