Supreme Court Expands Government's Right to Seize Homes

Some areas have been doing this for years, now the Supreme Court just made it “legal”. Eminent Domain use to be just used as a device so that a highway could be built, schools, power lines, sewar lines and stuff. Now it has stepped into taking people’s homes to build Wal-Marts and Condos. Because these properties would generate more tax income to the local communities. This stuff is bull and someday the American Sheeple will wake up. But I wouldn’t hold my breath…

There is no end to what this “land of the free” country will do in the name of money. The original America died some time ago.

The government now has carte blanche to take your home for any reason. Very sad how we force people from their homes in the name of so-called progress.

Our Mayor (Vegas) said today that he is in favor of the ruling if it paves the way for schools and roads, but not in favor of a way to take land from private owners and give to other private owners.

BTW, this town is the “connection” capital. Everything that gets done here is a result of someone getting paid off one way or another. Now it is ultra easy for a developer to just pick a spot here, pay off the proper people, and set up shop for a song.

How about we now make a ruling that says people who are 70 or older and own a home must forfeit it to the government for public auction. ???

"AUSTIN ( – Just hours after the Supreme Court ruled that local governments could seize private property for economic development, Texas Rep. Frank Corte Jr. said he would propose a constitutional amendment limiting local powers of eminent domain or condemnations in Texas.

The opinion of the Supreme Court said that states were free to pass laws restricting condemnation. Corte said he would ask Gov. Rick Perry to add the issue to the special legislative session’s agenda, which is now under way.

Perry spokeswoman Kathy Walt said the governor would consider requests to add items to the agenda but probably not until the school finance issue is resolved. Corte is hoping to have a proposed amendment on the November ballot. "

Texans like our land!

I hope States get the picture and pass laws.

Seems like Texas is a great state for people.

I think I want to build a new development on a lake where there are homes. Guess I will go grease the palm of local officials and then promise much higher tax revenues. Easy as pie . . .

This definitely was a case of money changing hands. So many people are so outraged that it seems hard to believe that the Supreme Justices were thinking on behalf of the common people.

I think the states that make this law unconsititutional will see an even better increase in commerce. If I was doing a 1031 in any other state, I’d first check to see if they passed a law that banned someone being able to come along and take my property.

I hate to say it but I think this law will affect minorities greatly. While the law says any property, we all know exactly what their main targets will be.

What a crime by our government. We have become a nation that is governed by the few.

This ruling is Great! Just think, if you have a spare million or two, you can “fund” local politicians in an area you want to develop. Promise them your development will generate tons of jobs and tax revenue. But you have a bunch of pesky homes in the way and they want Fair Market Value of their homes. Instead of buying each one out at 500K each, you ge the politicians to seize the property and you can pay low assessment, like 50K each. Build you new Wal-Mart or condo development and profit big! You just have to think big!

“Most of the homes in the Marine Terrace-Ocean Terrace-Seaview Avenue area were appraised at far less than what Schneider wants you to believe. He was quoted as saying they were worth $60,000 to $90,000 but that we got appraisals of $500,000 to $600,000. That is ludicrous.”

It’s already happening, and not in a “slum” inner city either. We are talking about OCEAN FRONT Property worth 500K and higher!

Yea, the other other end of the spectrum will be high demand spots IE on water.

See those 40 homes on the water? I can build a high rise condo and bring in 10 times the tax revenue for the state. I can see it now, Evergreen Manor.

Hopefully some states will get a clue and pass laws against this ruling.

It is scary living in a socialist country. I highly doubt this is what our founding fathers had in mind.

Not socialism, corporatism

If the government used eminent domain and got control of the homes, kicked everyone out and built a homeless shelter, that would be socialism

If a corporation got the government to use eminent domain and got control of the homes, kicked everyone out and had a Wal-Mart built, of course Wal-Mart would pay for the building and the land (at a nice discounted price) that would be Corporatism.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

Benito Mussolini

the outcome this ruling is the maintaining of status quo.

Most states/localities already have laws on the books. basically the Supreme Court has defer the issue back to the States (which is probably a good thing IMHO; this is not a matter that we necessarily need direction from Washington on).

What state already had a law on the books that said a private company can, with state approval, take your home for private sector use, namely their own?

Eminent domain is one thing (private → public). Private to Private is another.

So, where does that leave us?

Simcha :-[

It means if you own a home in an area that a developer can build something better and bring in big tax revenues. You not only lose your home but will be paid what they think it is worth. So if you own a home that would sell for 400K but it is assessed at 120K, you might only 120K for it. This has been done before, like seizing private land to give to a ball club so they can build a new stadium.

in reponse to evergreens question see the last paragraph of this new story

BTW, I am not in favor of this ruling; private property rights should be protected from profiteers wanting to do “redevelopment”

You Gotta Read This!
I love it!

That is what we need to do. Go take the property from these guys.

As usual, it is war where the side with the most money wins.

I just read that article about that judge that’s funny no matter what it’s going to cost him some $$$$ in legal fee’s. We should all pitch in and give these guys some of their own medicine.