Supercharge Your Cash Flow?

Has anybody tried this program? It’s on the website, by Alex Gurnevich. I just wanted to know if it was worth the $400. I’d like to do a lease with sale option, but they seem pretty scary.

I liked the course, but I wouldn’t pay $400 for it. See if you can pick it up cheap on ebay.

If you want a straight forward guide to doing L/Os along with all the paperwork you could ever use. I would recommend The Naked Investor by Michael Carbonare. Solid content and you can’t beat the price.

Dont let the lease monster scare ya. Just treat it as you would a regular lease with a tenant but think of it this way. I need a DOWN PAYMENT Deposit of $5000 instead of last and security, I need the tenant(lesee) to understand that this is now your home in a sense so you will be responsible for all maintnance and utilities, and in 2 years(or 1) when it is time for you to exercise your option and you cant afford to you will need to move out or pay me $100/month on top of your lease for each month you need an extension up tp 2 months, or pay me another $5000 and I will release option it to you again for another 2 years and oh yeah the salwe price will be adjusted also approx.10% to accomidate for appreciation.HAVE A NICE DAY AND ENJOY YOUR NEW HOME :dance2 :dance :bigok