sump pumps

Hey all,

Second rehab is winding down. Question about sump pumps. In the basement there is only one drain where the washer line goes to. How do I install a sump pump? Can I run it into the same drain as the washer with a line going to the outside somewhere? Never done this before.



Do you have drain tile in the basement with a sump hole?


No I don’t. Therefore wouldn’t I have to dig out the foundation and put drain tile in?

Pick a location that you want for the sump pump. It should have adequate drainage on the exterior or you will need to run the discharge into a field tile. Open the basement floor with a breaker about 3 in. wider then the top of the sump liner. Perforate the sides and bottom of the liner with a hand drill to allow water to enter the liner from all sides. Fill gravel in the bottom of the sump hole. The liner edge should be even with the top of the floor. Next, fill in around the liner with river gravel to about two inches below the basement floor level.

To hook up the sump pump you need to read the instruction manual to find the size discharge line needed for the pump you are using. The discharge should have about 6 in. of PVC pipe coming up from the pump followed by a check valve, then additional pipe running up to the level that you want to run your discharge through the wall. It should extend 4-6 in. outside the building. It should not extend farther due to potential freezing in cold weather. You can run the discharge further by attaching a 2in. solid draintile that can be run off like a field tile. To drill the hole in the foundation through the wall you can use a rotary hammer with a cross bit. Be sure to finish up by caulking between the discharge line and the foundation both inside and out. As always, proper safety equipment should be used when operating equipment.