I have a deal that sales for $149.9K; has about 113.6K in equity; 4 units currently rented producing $2750 per month in income with stable tenants. How would you finance this deal with none of your own money down creatively or traditionally? Need feedback

$149,900 Price
$ 50,000 Down Payment
$100,000 Balance Financed


$ 33,000 Gross Scheduled Income
<$ 1,650> Vacancy and Credit Loss
$ 31,350 Gross Effective Income


< $ 14,850> Tax/Ins/Maintenance/Management/Replacements
= $ 16,500 NOI
< $ 7,584> Annual PI, 30-yr, 6%
$ 8,916 Cash Flow Before Taxes

17% ROI

Option 1:

Borrow $100,000 on a first from bank.
Borrow $ 50,000 on a second from the seller.

Perhaps entice the seller with a great, short term interest rate of 10% ($5,000) annually.

Problem: Banks won’t lend with no money in the game.
Solution: Take Title Subject To and refinance as owner, assuming the appraisal would support a value of $263,500.

Option 2:
Take title Sub2 with 100%, short-term, seller financing.
Immediately refinance with owner occupied financing (theoretically easier than getting a new purchase money mortgage); pay off seller in full within 12 months (or less).

Option 3:
Raise the price in return for 100% seller financing; a low rate; and short fuse (five years). $170,000?

Option 4:
Offer full price in return for 100% seller financing; high rate; long fuse (10 years); resell on terms at $240,000 (10% off retail; about) with 10% down, no qualifying, no appraisals, at the same interest your paying the seller (or smidgen above).

Hey somebody with 10% to put down on an income property; at a 10% discount; with this kind of easy non-owner occupied financing; and a fantastic return on their money…as you see in a moment, is going to pounce on this deal.

Here’s what it might look like to the seller:

Price: $240,000
Down: $25,000
Balance: $215,000
Payment: $15,324 6% fixed, 30-yr
Cash Flow: $1,176
CoC: 4% (not including depreciation, loan pay-down, tax treatment, rent increases, appreciation, and the equity discount at time of purchase) [$263k ARV minus 240k resale price equals 23k of instant equity for the buyer!]

So the buyer gets:

$23,000 of instant equity the first year.
+$ 1,176 cash flow the first year.
=$24,176 total return the first year.

or a 100% cash-on-cash return the first year.
20% average cash-on-cash return over five years.

Not too shabby for a beginning investor who doesn’t know better how to get 100% seller financing on a steal, like you’re gonna do.