Suggestions on 5K loan to finish rehab?

Hi everyone,
Happy mother’s Day!
I would like any suggestions or comments on obtaining a 5K loan to finish my rehab work on a house that I have under contract.

I got the house financed from a hard money lender. I borrowed money from friends and family to fix up the house. I am about 5k short to finish my project. Kitchen cabinets and appliances, 3 BD doors and landscaping.

I have used all my resources and I will take any suggestions to finish this project.


Home Depot credit card.

Thank you for your suggestion. I did not think of that.

Tanks again.

Lowe’s has a project card, initial purchase must be $1000 - and that gives you a 6 month window with no payments/no interest. Your subsequent purchases will also be in this window.

You do need to be approved for the card, though (credit score wise).


This site is set up to provide unsecured “MicroLoans”.

Offer home for sale, allow buyer to choose cabs,landscaping and have emoney deposited and released to you for the repairs…