suggestions for website

we have been toying with the idea of developing a website. i have spoken to a few people with some ideas but it is all jibberish to me.

suggestions? any will be welcomed.

Before investing in a website (or any marketing for that matter) you need to ask yourself, “What is my end result for this website”.

Once you answer that question, it will lead you into what type of website you will need. Do you plan on managing the website yourself or will you hire someone to manage it? Do you have any website skills?

Also, driving traffic to your site can also be a full time job. I would suggest that you check out a few different places to see what is out there and which one suits your needs best. A few to try are:

SiteSell is good for people who want to build a website but don’t have many web skills. Very detail and information overload.

Thirdsphere is a good hosting company that has a lot of different options (autoresponders, forums,etc…). They offer a lot for a little a month hosting fee. But it can be a little confusing if you don’t have any web skills.

GoDaddy is a cheaper hosting company and is very good for beginners. It is not the best for people with web skills or if you’re looking to do a lot with your site.

Patti Porter

[] is not the best for people with web skills or if you’re looking to do a lot with your site.

Just curious, but why not? I think for the vast majority of REI’s, is perfect. Now, if you are talking on the realm of hosting something like BestBuy or CircuitCity or some other enterprise content then I’d agree. ;D

i have a pretty big idea for it, i’m just not sure how the logistics of it would work.

lets put it this way, i think i have an incredible idea for a website that would offer a quite extensive service that would link many different players in the real estate investment field.

there are a number of problems/questions for my idea, but it is nothing like anything that is available on any website re: real estate.

so, once i find out if it’s doable, and i find that it is, then i will need a pretty complex website. more importantly, i will need partners to help formulate the “how to’s” of the business and all the kinks associated with getting it up and running.

after the four months of reading, being in rei forums and listening to kiyosaki about business :wink: lol - i’ve identified a HUGE market that i believe is BEGGING to be tapped in the right way for the right reasons.

i just have no idea where to begin… ::slight_smile:

You are correct…most REI’s don’t do a lot with their sites, so GoDaddy is perfect for them. However, if you are looking to do a lot with your site, say set-up autoresponders, set-up a forum, do surveys, etc., GoDaddy charges extra for those services and they are limited.