Hello, I am new to the RE Investing world and know that I will need a good CRM solution to be successful. I have SugarCRM that I can host on my Synology NAS so I was wondering if anyone has any idea where I can get a RE Investor module for this CRM?

Any help would be appreciated.


Who told you this?

I’m suspicious that you’re just procrastinating. Or this is just the busy work crap that people indulge in, so they have an excuse not to actually invest in real estate.

It’s like the newbies who think they have to appear like a fortune 500 company on the web, and spend GOBS of time building a website, before they can start finding deals. Pffft.

I’ve got several websites, and none of them has ever proven to be critical to my success. Make things easier, and create credibility with some clients? Probably, but not a game changer.

When you’ve got five deals done, come back and ask this same question, because I’m betting you’ll discover that any CRM’s you need, can be as simple as maintaining a prospect/contact list on your Smart Phone.

Anything more than that, and you’re probably not investing in real estate, but servicing real estate professionals. Just saying.

Thanks… But actually do have a few deals under my belt, I just need to be organized. How can you keep all of your deals organized? Your contacts and your leads without a crm? A crm can (and should) actually save you time and keep you on tract, especially if you are doing tax liens, foreclosures, etc.

Lots of forums talking about it, but no specifics… Anybody have any ideas?

I’m not really attempting to argue with you.

However, I would keep whatever you do, as simple as possible.

There’s all sorts of software, that can gobble up your time to maintain, and the return is lots of lost time.

If you’re not doing 5 deals a month, you don’t need anything more than Outlook and Excel. Of course, you could be using Aweber and a website to attract and capture leads, and follow up on whatever schedule you want.

However, you also could be creating a mailing list database, and updating that, and sending out regular reminders/postcards/letters/flyers through click2mail.

In any event, if you’re just wanting to keep track of leads and potential deals, the simpler the system you can find the better. I would stay away from ‘continuity’ dependent services myself. They are often hacked, lose data, and just plain go out of business without any warning. Then you could lose all your data like Michael Jackson’s dignity.