Such thing as a Landlording Home study Course?

There seems to be an endless amount of courses available on every niche possible to real estate investing. I’ve been looking for a course that teaches somebody the ins and outs of landlording but havnt had much luck. I’d like a guide that teaches everything from acquiring properties, what to pay, how to make the numbers work, to financing, finding tenants, rules of thumb, paper work, etc.

I’m a noobie and would like to get my hands on a few properties to hold long term. Any recommendations are appreciated.


There are none that cover everything. LLing falls into 3 categories IMO: finding property, financing property, and managing property. Jeffery Taylor (aka Mr Landlord) has great material related to managing property. There is an up coming book by Dan Arnold where he will talk about acquiring property. He is full-time investor and his books have a real world feel to them. Google “Stupids Mistakes of a Millionaire Landlord” to find his site. I don’t know of any good acquisition courses. I haven’t found any great financing courses.

There are only two books I would recommend for landlording. Landlording by leigh robinson and mikes ebook. With both of those, you will have everything you need to start. I think between the two you should spend more than 50 or 60 bucks.


I concur, Landlording by Leigh Robinson and join your local LL association.

I highly recommend Propertymanager’s (Mike) book. After reading his book, you’ll know if you cut out to be a landlord or not.

I think Mike has a mentoring course but it costs $65,000…


I think Mike has a mentoring course but it costs $65,000...

That was yesterday, I had to raise it to $67,000 today to keep up with inflation!


Hey Mike. How much do we have to spend for the “secret”?? :biggrin

Hey Mike. How much do we have to spend for the "secret"??

If the so called “gurus” won’t give up the “secret” even after their students have spent $25,000 or $30,000 on the Platinum Inner Circle President’s Club level of membership in the guru’s College of Ultimate Guru Knowledge, what makes you think I would give it up?

No, no, no, I’ll never say that the secret is that there really is no secret!


1-Minute to Rental Property Riches by Michael Rossi is what you need. I ordered mine on-line with Lots of meat in that slim book.
It should keep you safe.