Success Path/Premium Financial Training/Flip Advantage - Tarek & Christina

Has anyone gone to a training by any of the above names? We went to a 3 day seminar that costs about 2K and now there is advanced training that runs anywhere from 21K - 45K.

I’m wondering if anyone has gone to their advanced training and if they have applied the “system” that is being taught? Have you made any money? Is it worth it?

My husband and I are interested in real estate investing and don’t know if we need any more formalized training or can just pick up wisdom and skills on our own.


I haven’t been to the advanced training YET, but I did pay for it and will be attending in two weeks. I can tell you for sure that the moment I left the introductory 2K weekend, everything changed. First of all, the moment everyone left that didn’t pay for the advanced training, they immediately began giving us STEP by STEP instructions on EXACTLY what to do and how to do it. We were given access to several resources that are mind-blowingly helpful and now, just 4 days after leaving the first course, I know twice as much as I did when I left on Sunday. I’ll keep you posted after the advanced training, but for now I can say that it’s been AWESOME so far.

Question. In the 3 day class, did they give you access to the preferred lender? What is the advanced training for?


A fool and their money are soon parted!

You do realize that you could actually buy an investment property for 21K to 45K down! !!!

I think most people need to think clearly and not go along with the sales hype generated!

Yes, you need education but you don’t need to spend that kind of money to get started.

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Have a very good friend who has paid and attended just over $70,000 in various seminars and has NOT bought a property YET!..

If selling books and tapes was not more profitable and easier than doing it…why would the do it.

AND: If it were all that easy they WOULD NOT share the “Secrets” with anyone.!!

Do the math…one seminar with ten people at 45K each and you do not have to do much ACTUAL real estate.

YES, a fool and his $$$ soon part.

I don’t want to attend any seminar again that doesn’t cost at least $20,000 to attend.

The investors, and/or the wannabees that have $20G’s to blow, are the same ones that have $200G’s to invest with my deals, and not bite their nails, get a bead of sweat going, and fret about whether they’re gonna lose money, or not, much less call and leave daily ‘howzitgoin’ messages.

The ones that won’t/can’t spend $20G’s for training are the same ones that don’t know networking from a hair net, don’t play well with others, rarely enter into a partnerships, think small, and remain perpetual lone-wolves. I know, because I’ve been around both groups.

BTW, participating in a $20K event/training is not about an information dump. It’s about contacts and networking. That price tag eliminates most of the posers.

Speaking of glowing reviews, we never heard again from JSBest1. Was he just a shill for that deal, or what?


HELLO :person_raising_hand: THERE EVERYONE!

My name is Hennie Mateaki and I just have to say I love :heart: Christina & Tarek Elmoussa. I also want to say that Success Path is not a scam or fraud. I have been to a handful of REI education seminars and success path is very unique and special. Not only are you learning from the best but they are more affordable than the other seminars I heard.
I first started watching Christina & Tareks HGTV reality show a while back. In the beginning, I was kinda shocked at how raw they were. I don’t know if you guys have seen flip or flop but they were losing a lot of money at first. I thought to myself, why would they let people see them doing this? You got to watch them fail and progress. Their evolution has been unbelievable. Now they are some of THE BEST real estate investors in the world.
My ADVICE TO ALL ATTENDING SUCCESS PATH’S SEMINAR: Go in with a POSITIVE mindset and remember their brand. Christina and Tarek Elmoussa have a great brand. They never claimed to be gurus but their house flipping success proves they are REAL REI GURUS. SUCCESS PATH embodies honesty, integrity, hard work and most of all, courage to take necessary risks.
In my opinion, this is everything tarek and Christina embody. SORRY I WENT on a TANGENT but I just finished listening to a great podcast that they were on.
Good Luck :four_leaf_clover: and I wish you all Success in your Real Estate journey!

success path Tarek and Christina Elmoussa not scam

Yes my wife and I did go through the advanced training and for the most part it was worth it.

We attended 2 days of the 3 day, $1997 seminar this weekend in OKC. These people are pro’s at separating you from your money! After thinking long and hard about the next step ($23-43K) my gut started telling me that something was not right. If the “team” members were all so successful, why were they all working weekends at seminars?? Most of them were too young to have made their fortunes and deciding it was time to “give back”. MY ADVICE IS BUYER BEWARE. We skipped the third and demanded a refund. I was assured it would be processed the next business day. We will see. I may be out $3K, I may not be out anything. I will not be out $28K though I promise.

I did the 3 day seminar for $2000. I reasoned that to be the equivilent of a continueing education class that gave instruction and overview…And in the end do feel that particular expense was worth the exposure and education. However when approaced by the sales team to spend as much as $41,000.00 for the privlage of being entertained by the groups VIPs in Vegas, and have some of those same VIPs come and do the drive-by’s with me - drew the line. $41,000.00 really? After reading information contained within these forums, I understand and appreciate the fact that there are so may accomplished REI professionals out there willing to share they’re education and information for free. I’m working on an opportunity in OC MD where I think I’m going to need that $41,000.00. But Good Luck to you and sincerly wish you well.

In the 3 day class do they give you any information to help make your money back? Do they give you any information on the investors like they promised in the initial meeting? I am getting very disappointed because it was my understanding they give you everything you need in the 3 day training class to make your money back and connect you to investors.

This is a scam after the 3 day seminar they hand you a piece of paper with their money lender on it… USA private money is the lender… They don’t even talk about it or mention it during the 3 day. Also success path is one of 4 scams from this company with all four scams having the same structure as rich dad poor dad. Go to to see the different shows. Christina and Tarek did not make this program they just slapped their face on it. They should be ashamed to be involved in this scam that takes peoples hard earned money. Do research and you will see. The main speaker was Alan Swails which is Claude Alan Swails in Leesburg, Geogia and he kept giving off red flags that made me start researching. Everything they teach is online for free. I am not saying that if you take their course your going to fail but I guarantee the people that do succeed could have done it without them if they just did a little research for the free information.

Any more info. On your advanced training course

Anyone buy the package with the software for searching homes. It was like 999.00. If so what was the name of the product

Hi Karry! Have you been to a Vegas event? I’m planning on going and was wondering if you purchased properties there? :beer

Hey everyone,

Just doing a little searching and came across this website and thread.

  1. Is there a tutorial on posting here? I am use to BiggerPockets which is easier to respond to people. I just need some pointers on responding to people! If anyone had any tips, that would be great!
  2. There’s a lot of good forums going on here. I am trying to learn more while being a member of the Success Path program.
  3. This is a discussion forum so if anyone has any questions for me about my experience in the program I’d love to give as much info as I can! As a preface, I like the program and my wife and I have had lots of success using it.

Excited to be here!

Hi JustinH,
I am also a Success Path student. I live in Idaho Falls near the University. My plan is to start investing in multi-unit properties near the universities and rent them out to students through a property management company. I didn’t go to Vegas (my wife had appointments) but we plan to in the future! I previously worked in construction but am interested in investing in real estate now. I do have a mentor that I work with a few times a week and things are going great!

Previous comments talk about the cost and yes, there are expensive plans but that’s not all that’s available. The plan I’m working on fit well within my budget and I’ve already paid it off with a few wholesale deals on the side. The one thing I think the program could improve would be a site (similar to BP or REIClub) where students could go in and discuss the work they are doing and plan to network in Vegas. I don’t think they have any options like that but think they would be extremely helpful. It’s nice to hear peoples point of view that aren’t in the program but some have such strong and negative opinions that I find so rude and unprofessional (an experience on BP). Any other Success Path students out there?

  1. I dunno. It took me a bit to figure out how to register. This website is straight out of the 90s.
  2. I’m also a Success Path guy. Brand new student. Stumbled upon this site while looking to learn more myself. It looks super old, though. I don’t think this is the place to find up-to-date info.
  3. What has been your biggest success so far? How do you go about finding the right subcontractor for a repair job? As a new student, I’m interested in learning about the successes of other students. I’m admittedly a little nervous. Any idea where I can find more info on that?

New to REI Club and also a veteran Success Path student. My biggest success has been making a ~$90k profit in my first year of wholesale and flipping. I already had a few rental properties when I started real estate investing but wanted to get into making fast money with flipping and wholesale. While I wanted to make fast money I wanted to minimize the risks and that’s why I signed up with Success Path. Finding a subcontractor wasn’t too difficult for me since I used one of my friend’s recommendations. If you have a contractor you are working with (not sure of your situation) he should know a lot of subcontractors. But if you consider yourself the contractor, I would ask around! Asking your Facebook friends and family members may work out best! Good luck!

$90K?!?!?! That’s more than what my husband and I make COMBINED. To be honest, I didn’t quite know the difference between a contractor and a subcontractor. So thanks for helping me out there. Looks like I have a long road ahead of me - glad to know Success Path and REI will be there to help me out!