Success after failure - stories

Hello everyone. I love a good success story, but the ones I like the most are those told by successful REI who have failed in the past and came back to succeed in this business. I am willing to bet that there are more novice investors on this board who are struggling to get their real estate careers off the ground than those who have solidified themselves in this industry. So, for those of you that have fallen and managed to get back up, how about a few encouraging success (after failure) stories?

Oh gees where do I start? When I started my career about 4 years ago I thought I knew it all! I wasted SO much money on things that sounded good, like sending out 16,000 post cards, putting up a TON of I Buy Houses signs. Both generated a lot of leads but I had no idea what to do with those leads. I read a Ron Legrand book and caught the get rich quick bug!! I was handed a trust fund worth $100,000 (that buys A LOT in Fort Wayne, IN) so I was inexperienced, had blurred visions of success and a loaded checkbook.

After a few deals where I lost money on one and made a mere $7,000 on the other I broke out on my own, my wife got her real estate license and we teamed up to successfully flip 4 houses this year with a goal of 12-15 next year. I learned a lot in the first 3 years and obviously am always learning now. It’s cool to know that I am now a full time real estate investor!! I honestly owe this site for being a huge part of my growth.

How’s that?