Subprime loans as a percentage of loans in a geographic area - need info!

Hi all,
Not quite sure if the subject line makes sense but what I’m looking for is a resource that would have a breakdown of loan/borrower types in San Antonio. I suspect that SA will have a higher than average (on a national scale) level of subprime borrowers, but I’d like to confirm this.

So far I’ve looked at the following websites: Texas A&M Real Estate Center, the Mortgage Bankers Assoc., and the Fed. No luck, but I saw nearly everything else data-wise. Anyone have any ideas?


 This guy said that he has been collecting that kind of data in an article he wrote; I don't follow him too closely, but there is an option on this site to leave him a question.

Thanks for the tip, Funder! :beer

I have emailed him before. He got right back with the correct answer to my question!

David, did you have any success?