Submitting offer question

If I want to submit offer and am planning on buying being a LLC do I make the offer in the LLC’s name or mine?

LLC if that is what you intend to have the deed in.

Before you submit your offer, make sure your LLC can get financing. No point in submitting an offer if your LLC can’t get financed.

Typically you make the offer in your name and after closing you move it into the LLC. You do need to be a little careful that the title insurance is bought in the name of the LLC, otherwise if it was bought in your name, it wouldn’t be valid once it got moved into the LLC. You may also have an issue with the mortgage as technically it’s a sale, but most banks don’t do anything about it.

my last property I bought in an LLC-- I made the offer in the name of the LLC and closed the same way- I had to make a personal guarantee for the LLC

Thanks for the replies I started another thread with more info on situation:,41728.0.html