Submit payments to bank in the name of the land trust??

when purchasing a property subject to, and the appropriate insurance is placed in the name of the trust, beneficiaries in order, etc. ( seller added to trust, etc.), can the future payments to the trust be in the name of the trust, or should the payments always stay in the name of the seller when you submit them??

Placing a property into a trust is not a ‘red flag’ for a bank…it is actually a standard and usual practice for financial planning to protect your assets from predators. Simply notifying the bank of this transfer for financial planning measures by the seller along with the name of a trustee (ie: you, the buyer) with authority of the trustee to interact with the bank on the mortgage account will suffice.

I’m not sure why your reference to the ‘seller’ being put in the trust if you are doing a ‘subject to’ deal…be careful that you understand how to do this type of transaction to protect all parties!!

So…to answer your question, it is perfectly fine if you have laid the groundwork above to have the trust submit payments to the mortgage company.

Hope this helps.

Rob in Atlanta