Subject tos in Texas

Does anyone have any information regarding the new Texas subject to laws and what is the HB# for this new law? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Last I heard “subject to’s”, L/O’s and most if not all types of owenr financing is now illegal in TX.

Really? Anyone else have any input?

Things are diff. in Texas that’s for sure. I believe there’s some ways around the new rules. The guy to talk to is Fadi, if he doesn’t reply soon PM him. You might also search his posts. Herbster

I don’t invest and TX and haven’t bothered to research the law completely. My understanding is the law restricts creative financing on property secured by a mortgage.

Well Fadi was the one who told me about this new law and he recommended me to someone but that person never gave me an answer. I would really like to know the bill # so I could research this a little more.

Search at this site…