"Subject To?"

Why is ‘sub2’ missing, as a category along with lease/options and options, from this forum?

That is weird…that has been part of this forum for years…guess investors have other interests now.

Hope all is well, Jay, and that you are prospering.

Rob in Atlanta.

Sorry for the confusion, but a number of the forums were combined with other forums a couple of months ago prior to the forum upgrade and prior to the server move. All the prior threads and posts should still be available through the search function. Thanks.

Yay! I just saw that sub2, lease/options and some other things were added as categories to this forum! That’s helpful direction to many I’m sure.



Rob, you’re the man! Your contributions here are profitable to me.

Oh, and yes I’m doing great, thank you!

REICLUB guys, I appreciate the resources you provide here. It’s become my No. 1 recommendation for anyone looking for RE information and training.

BTW, $Cash$, I still quote you saying, “If they like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” :biggrin

Not to continue the love fest, but we appreciate YOU as well. Forum vets are a big part of why REIClub is a great resource!