Subject To Purchase Agreement

How is a Purchase Agreement filled out when doing a Subject To?

subject to what? You just write it on the blank lines in the purchase agreement. Have your lawyer look at it if your concerned about getting your bases covered on an issue.

You put something to the extent of “This property is being purchased subject to the existing loan/financing staying in place…” You should also include a CYA letter in your paperwork, that the seller signs. This way it is understood that you are not getting new financing and that the loan will stay in place until you sell the property or refinance it.

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boricua00 is correct. You could also have the seller ,with your help put the property in a land trust,have you listed as a cotrustee and then sign the beneficial rights to you at closing. Then you will not have the “due on sale clause” called on you from the note holder…not much chance of that happening any way unless it is commercial property. Hope this helps :biggrin