Subject To in North Carolina

I want someone tell me how the new bill affects subject to buys in North Carolina. I understand subject to buyers must qualify. Is this correct?


Are you referring to HB 1708, which has not passed the Senate as yet and is a watered down version of HB 725?

The last attempt died in the Judiciary Committee, which is were this bill is currently at and is not law so to answer your question, it is not correct that Subject To buyers must qualify at this time.

John $Cash$ Locke

Hi All,
I’m facing the possibility of moving to Raleigh, NC. Can any local investor speak to the legal issues concerning sub2 deals in NC? I’ve poked around but couldn’t find much recent info on the topic.

thanks folks.


Glad to meet you.

What legal issues are you referring to as I am not acquainted with any in NC and I do Subject To deals there?

John $Cash$ Locke

I’ve been looking to do a lease option in NC for a while now and just stumbled across this tonight…

Can someone confirm if lease options are legal or not in NC?


My business partner is in NC. Let me find out.

Yes, LO’s are legal in NC.