Subject To Contract Questions

Hello. I am new to this forum and have a great connection on getting properties that have just been served notice of default (NOD). Was wondering if anyone can help route me to where I can obtain purchase agreements for “Subject To:”.

My plan, pretty simple, is to get in touch with per-foreclosure owners and see if they would be interested in allowing me to take over their property subject to their current first and second mortgage. Can anyone help with getting a contract or at least with contents of the contract.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Without being too technical…be very careful…if the NOD has NOT been published and is of public record…you and your source may be in violation of the privacy act.


I can’t help you with the paperwork. But you can get a basic sub2 course and it will have contracts that you can have your attorney review and work up. You can also have a contract that is used in your state, with similar language

  1. Total Purchase Price to be paid by Buyer is payable as follows:
    A. Earnest money deposit check 0; or promissory note 0, which will
    remain as a binder until closing, and be held for Seller by closing agent
    (chosen by Buyer) for Seller until closing, unless sooner forfeited or
    returned, according to the provisions of this Agreement. $ __________________
    B. Balance due at closing (not including Buyers closing costs, prepaid items
    or prorations) in U.S. cash or locally drawn certified or cashiers check.
    approximately 0: exactly 0 $ __________________
    C. Proceeds of a new loan to be executed by Buyer to any lender other than
    Seller; Name of Lender: _______________________________ $ __________________
    D. Seller financing as herein set forth in paragraph 14.
    approximately 0: exactly 0 $ __________________
    E. “Subject to” existing loan balance encumbering the Property $ __________________
    Lender __________________________ Loan #___________________
    Interest Rate % Fixed Rate 0; Adjustable Rate 0; $____ /month
    Includes Principal 0; Interest 0; Escrow: Taxes 0; Insurance 0; HOA 0
    F. “Subject to” existing second loan balance encumbering the Property $ __________________
    Lender ________________________________ Loan #_____________________
    Interest Rate % Fixed Rate 0; Adjustable Rate 0; P&I $_____ per month
    G. Total Purchase Price: approximately 0; exactly 0 $ __________________