subject to confusion

How hard is to do a subject to?

Do I need to pay somebody to do it for me? Of course, i have to find the deal.

I am an investor in Texas and in California. Any opinions about these
states are welcomed. I am an investor.


Glad to meet you.

Two thirds of all Subject To investors faint from the pressure in the sellers house before they get their first deal if they ever do get a deal.

If you learn how to do a Subject To deal correctly before you start, you will be in the one third that do not faint and put the deal together with confidence because of your knowledge.

John $Cash$ Locke

John is far to modest to plug his own course but I will, click the link in his signature if you are truly intertested in learning from the best. I haven’t used the course myself but I’ve heard more than enough positive feedback from members here to know its a good course and a solid Sub2 education.