Subject 2 Course(s)

Hi folks,

I’m new to your forum.

I found you all by doing a search on “subject to”, and have decided to purchase John Lockes course. I stayed up late last night and read much of what he has written and recorded here. I’m sure I want to learn his methods.

I am an experienced investor, but new to subject to. In addition to $Cash$'s course do you guys recomend any other sub2 courses? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Ted - where ya from in Illinois? chicago here.

I haven’t used the course myself, but I have heard decent things about William Tingle’s course on Sub2.

Again, just passing along what I have heard.

I’m about 300 miles South of you in the Carbondale area.

After making the post, I realized that I should simply stay with one system, and John Locke comes highly recomended.

A pleasure to meet you. Thanks! :biggrin

I gotta tell you folks something.

I ordered John Lockes Sub2 Course a week ago this evening. I didnt know a thing about the fella except what i read here. But I knew, after reading many things he had written that he was a true expert on sub2.

I received his course on Thursday, and since then have listened to the entire cd series while working (I’m a self employed upholsterer). I am not new to real REI courses or investing, and i have to say, this is the best value I have ever received.

I have purchased (older, free and clear houses-contract for deed) and resold (wrap cfd) 17 houses before this time. For a long time, I had been looking for the correct information to move to the next level by purchasing subject to the existing mortgage. His course tells me exactly how to do that.

His course will be a classic- so very well done. His website has liteally thousands of posts from the last two years of real life experiences.

Before I purchased from him, I found his course on Ebay- but if I had purchased it there, I would not have access to his website and support. I am soo glad now that I bought from him.

He may not offer this forever. Anyone who is serious about investing the sub2 way MUST get his course while still available.

I thought about sending him a private message thanking him, but decided to tell the world too.


I would go with Cash’s hands down, but why not get both? both are affordable.

I emailed Cash last week about a sub2 deal that I was not too sure about. Sellers could not sell it for 3 months, they owe $108k, had it listed for $122k and did not move. I discussed it with Cash and I ended up contracting it last week ($20 down, house needs no repairs). my ad in the paper hit the shelves today. I already have a buyer at $134k with $5k down and should get a contract on it Tomorrow or Tuesday to sell it. I will be closing on the purchase and sale at the same time.

By the way, I would recommend you PM Cash before you buy and talk to him. He’ll help you figure out if it is for you and where to buy from.

Hi Fadi,

Congratulations on your deal. I have Cash’s course, also, so I was wondering if you sold the property on a contract for deed. If so, can you provide some details on the seller’s existing financing and your end buyer’s terms?



In texas I cannot use COD, so I sold on wrap around.

Existing financing as follows:
$108k @ 5.2%

Sold for
$5k down, $129 financed for 5 years @ 10%

Monthly pak (cash flow) $500/month

Nice cash flow. Thanks for the details.


So where do I buy his course? I went on his website and didn’t see anything about it. Thanks. :beer