Hey guys, I am doing my first sub 2 deal, however I need to know what contracts you guys use to take over the deed… what purchase agreement are you using… can someone tell me or direct me to the forms and contracts I need to use, once I have gotten the seller to agree on giving me the deed.

what is the procedure for actually closing the deal… do you use a title company like normal, or do you just take the signed deed to the courthouse for recording?

also at what point should I start looking for a tenant buyer… should I wait until the seller has left… or should I start marketing for a buyer immediatly…
Also when is a good time to have the tenant buyer view the home… once the seller is gone or can it be done prior to that…?

my last question which is better

Lease option or owner financing once the property has been secured?

thanks for all your answers in advance…

I highly recommend getting a lawyer for your 1st deal.

In your case you need paperwork from him as well as some guidance.

Contact fellow investors in your area and ask around as to which
lawyer may be “Sub 2” savy.

Best of luck!!
Jeremy Blunt