Subject 2 and Title Search Question...

It seems most buyers are getting the deed themselves, taking it to the courthouse and recording it. Are most investors skipping title search and title insurance or using a title company?

It seems most title companies won’t close sub 2 deals, at least not with out the lenders approval.

What are most people doing for Title Search and Title Insurance?

We run all of ours through a local title company. They are out there, you just have to ask around and you can find them.

We don’t get title insurance b/c of our exit strategy, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you plan to hold the property.

Most title companies won’t. Some will. You need to network with other investors in your area and see who they are using or call around.

I found my title company through a seller in foreclosure. The previous investor backed out and did not show up to the closing. I got the copy of that contract and contacted the title company. Now they run my title search and title insurance. What i love about them is that I email them the address and they start the title search before I even fax them any paperwork.

I use Western Title on the West coast, always get Title Insurance and let them do their job , I have them research the loans and get pay offs to bring them current . They do all the research for me and set up an account at a servicing co to make the loan payments for the sellers benefit . Always get your own home owners insurance or send a letter to their Insurance co to be added as a loss payee.
All of the above will help keep you out of trouble if and when it rears up. Hope this helps, Darin