Subject 2 and L/O

In my area of the country, the maximum that I can lease option a property for is $1200 to $1400 a month. So with these numbers I think I cannot go over $200000 to get a property sub 2, and then to actually lease option it.
Now here’s the fly in the oinment. In my area, pricing on a starter 3 bdrm home is $225000. Does anyone have any ideas? How do you do it in your part of the country ? I’d like to hear from someone who does sub 2, with these homes in the $250000 range, and then is able to put a tenant buyer who is capable of paying rent.

My experience ranges from rental houses, to foreclosures, to complete rehabs.
I’d really like to tackle this subject 2 way of getting the deed.

Thanks in Advance, Maria :slight_smile:


Sounds like those methods your talking about won’t work unless you buy at a serious discount. They key is finding motivated sellers that HAVE to sell you their house.

Lease option and sub2 are awesome in my area. I can buy a 3/2 with garage and 1500 sq for around a song depending on location. I don’t have much room for rehabs because property values are so low. Focus on the techniques that work best in your area.

Keep looking, you’ll find them…even better they will find you.