Sub2 Roadblocks! Help!

Okay, so I just learned what a subject to deal was a couple of weeks ago, and last week my realtor gives me this:
FMV- ~$600k
1st- $435k
Asking $499k
Brand new, no repairs needed.

Seemed like a perfect opportunity for me, so I submitted a few different offers with sub2 as the main focus. The realtor balked, said it was illegal, fraud, blah blah blah. So, I showed her the HUD-1a where it actually has lines for subject to (203 & 503). Then, she came back and said that (at least in CA), the bank holds the deed in a land trust, and would not grant the trustee permission to sign over the deed. How do I navigate this? Is this even true? Just found out today and haven’t asked a title co yet, but I will on Monday.


You don’t normally sub2 through a realtor. Is this a bank owned property? If so, then you can’t assign the contract.