Sub2??? (Questions)

on a sub2 purchase, whats the rule of thumb for the taxes,insurance, is the Investor/buyer resposible or the loan holder whose name the loan is on?

how does one get the equity out without getting another tradeline added to your credit report by obtaining a loan?

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I can see you are really just starting out, nothing wrong with that however.

Subject To is purchasing the property subject to the loan staying in the sellers name and the property being deeded to you. So you own the property and are able to offer seller financing, you being the seller.

Depending on your method of selling, the payments your buyer makes should include the taxes and insurance.

Some ot the equity is taken out through your buyers down payment, then the rest is available when your buyer refinances the property. Since your seller stays on the loan, the loan does not show up on your credit report even though you are on title.

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