sub2 offers and Realators?

I just heard that sub2 offers are not allowed to be made by realators. Is this true? I thought I would ask hear to see if anyone knows anything about this side of the subject. I am doing some checking in my state (Utah) to see what the parameters are. Thanks, Joe.


Glad to meet you.

Realtors have standards and policies they must adhere to, which is set forth by the State Real Estate Commission and Board of Realtors, so Subject To does not fit into them presenting offers to the seller using the Subject To method. This may happen but I have not seen it.

I know Realtors and real estate agents who do Subject To deals, but not through their agency. They disclose they are agents, but explain they are doing the deal independent of their agency.

John $Cash$ Locke


Sub2 deals are quite possible through realtors if you are working with the right agent/broker.

It is certainly something every agent will not do (usually because of fear through their position of representing the seller) but is is possible. We have had a few close through a realtor. The key is in the presentation and a broker who really understands the business.

It’s not about the technique…

It’s about them being trained to be part of a system… They are taught to get cash… That’s what their broker wants to see…

You would want to look for independent agents…

My opinion… up your marketing… forget about agents… concentrate on FSBO’s

David Alexander

I agree with David. Concentrate on FSBOs as negotiating with sellers directly is less stressfull than agents. Many agents are close minded. They can’t think out side the box. If you make a creative offer and they don’t understand it or never heard of it, then guess what they will tell the seller? They will discourage seller from doing business with you.

Of course there are a few agents out there that are worth their weight in gold but they are very hard to find.

I have had too many deals fall because of a close minded agent.

David Garcia