sub2 offer with a real estate agent

Hi I am new to the subject 2 way. I have always been an investor who had the credit to do this the conventional way but over the last few years and a failed retail business I now have credit blemishes that will prevent me from doing that at this time.

I have a friend that is an agent and has came to me with a great investment deal. House on the lake in a great part of town that the owner has gotten a divorce while building a house and now wants to get rid of the house because he can now not afford the mortgage. Never has moved in with a note of $574,000 payment is only $2800 per month. The lot alone is worth $400,000 with a dock on it. This with the basement finished and landscaping done is worth 1 million at least.

Please help me make a subject 2 offer that will take care of the agents commission and not have to come out my pocket for it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!