sub2 in rock hill, sc

How do you suggest I start advertising to find houses… (e.g. road signs, business cards, fliars)…

Should I even worry about a business license to incorporate cause I know there are alot of tax benefits to that…

I am a single mother and I want to make this my career so I can be home with my 6month old son… :help suggestions would be appreciated

one more question… what contracts should I have with me if I want to do “subject to” financing

and what contracts do I need if I am doing lease option deals…


Glad to meet you.

Will your primary demographic target marketing areas be York or Mecklenburg counties?

John $Cash$ Locke

york county


I always advise that anyone’s documents be State Specific to conform with the State Statutes in the state you are planning to do business in, which by your response will be South Carolina.

So I would advise you any contracts you might receive, please have a qualified attorney review for your protection.

You might think about Bird-Dogging for an investor in your area, this way your will have a grasp on how deals are structured, before you step out there in an area that takes some education in. I understand how important it is to “Git R Dun” but want to make sure you do it the safe way.

Best of success to you,

John $Cash$ Locke

what is bird-dogging…

and how do i find an investor in my area…


A bird-dog, so aptly named, goes out and finds his prey, brings it back to its owners, then
receives praise for a job well done. Now it’s up to the owner to pluck it, cook it, serve it
and take care of the clean up.

In private real estate investing the person called a ‘bird-dog’ will track down prospective
real estate purchases for more advanced (experienced) private investors.

This allows the novice to get in on the first stage and become an apprentice under an
experienced teacher – or teachers, as there are many different areas in which investors
prefer to specialize.

Check out the I Buy Houses ads these are normally creative investors or ads involving Owner Will Carry. If you have a Real Estate investing club in your area you will find the investors you are looking for there.

John $Cash$ Locke