sub2 contracts

can i use the sales agreement contract that came in my course or should i use my state specific and add addendums

You should contact a RE Attorney to make sure the contracts you have are legal for your state!!!


thats what i thought. thanks

Howdy Mesha:

Use the standard Realtor contract and the financing addendums for your state. No need to spend $500 filling out a simple EM contract. The State has spend 10’s of thousands in attorney fees why reinvent the wheel


hi ted. it’s funny you should say that because yesterday i spoke with an attorney and who is familiar with sub2. she was saying how risky it was and i should have a custom contract drawn for each individual situation. i replied by saying as long as it has an out if i am not satisfied with any additional liens the seller “forgot to disclose”. or if i am not happy with the condition of the house. then i said what if i put it is subject to an attorney approval, she said that they may scare my client. it’s better to have an attorney do it in advance and in consideration of that particular situation. i definitely don’t want to try this for the first time without a lawyer but basicly she’s recomending to do your due diligence before the contract when i was thinking to do it while it is under contract and if abything funky is going on back out using one of my clauses.