Sub2 contracts ?

OK, I need to know where I can get a contract with the sub2 wording. All I have now is a Carlton Sheets Purchase Agreement. I am not real sure how to specifically word this contrct for sub2. I haven’t completed a deal as of yet and trying to save a little on lawyer fees. Also can I get a run down on this process as far as closing on a sub2 deal? Thanks.


That is the spirit get out their and plug away.
Go to my website and you can find info and contracts with the language in them. Just fill in the right states etc.

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Thanks for the reply. I went to the website and only found the Fannie Mae Loan App. I am assuming you have others and there is a problem with the site. Let me know. Thanks.


Going cheap now may cost you big in the future. By trying to “save a little on lawyer fees” now, you may be spending big $$$ on lawyers later, especially since you need a “rundown” on the subject to process.

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest that you purchase a book or course on the subject to method and read up on it. At the least, visit your local library and try to find a book on it there. Most courses will have a contract with it. You will still need to have it reviewed by a local real estate attorney to make sure that it is legal and valid within your state. With a contract in hand, you’ll at least have some idea of how you need a state legal contract worded.

Personally, I’d recommend anything by John Locke. I think that he has the best possible course available and if you have a problem, you get to talk to the man himself as you get his personal cell number (man, I’d hate to see his phone bill).

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Z agrees with everything Roger said! ;D


Is there a short explanation for sub2? I haven’t the foggest idea what it is.


Here’s John “Cash” Locke’s bio page for reiclub and all his products and articles. Knock yourself out reading. You’ll understand sub2 investing in no time.

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Can anyone suggest a couple books that I can read up on SUB2 from B&N or the Libary.