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New to the game. I bought a course on sub2 and L/O. I’ve got a good handle on it and am read to get started, but I’m missing the Land Trust Agreement document I wan’t to use in the deals. I also need the Real Estate Purchase Contract and Warranty Deed to Trustee document reviewed to make sure they are legal in Michigan. I have called and sat down with Real Estate Attorny’s in my area, I’ve come up with conclusion they don’t have a clue about sub2 sales. If anyone knows were I can get the Land Trust Agreement document I need, Iwould very much appreciate it. HELP ???

You can go to for forms and contracts, some are state specific. I ran across this site several weeks ago. They charge for them but the costs are very reasonable. After you get what you need, take them to your lawyer to review. It will save you some money if you have a contract to take to your lawyer to review instead of having one made from scratch. It also sounds like you need to keep looking for a lawyer you can work with. Good Luck.

Thanks Terry, i’ll check the web site out. Finding an Attorny is like finding a needle in the hay stack.

I disagree…

Finding a lawyer is easy…Finding a good one who knows real estate and creative investing is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I think this is what you meant to say…LOL

Good Luck