Sub-floor issue

So I’m working on a rehab property… former owners (who got foreclosed on) were apparently… umm… cleaning challenged. They had pets that stained the carpets in an absurd volume. I got all the carpet and pad ripped up, only to find that some of the sub-flooring is actually soaked in animal urine. Not a ton of it, in fact really just one one foot by two foot area, but it stinks something fierce. Any ideas of how to get ride of the urine or at least the smell? I’d hate to get new carpet down and still be able to smell the stain.


I was hoping to answer a subfloor question!

Anyway - not a big deal you have there. If it was major water damage you’d replace the sheet of sub, but in this situation just sponge it with bleach to kill it off, and make sure it dries before recovering.


They also make a scent eliminator – I think you can get it at Home Depot/Lowes that is made specifically for this. People that deal with high volume carpet cleaning use some chemicals, too…you might be able to get something from them.

I would be very cautious about adding bleach to urine…some urine has high concentrations of ammonia and the ensuing gas can be bad…make sure the area is well ventilated!


I’ve read to paint over the area with Kilz (Available at any home improvement store).

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Actually, I had the same problem several years ago…smell was overpowering!! But Kilz paint worked like a charm!!

ive heard to use Kilz as well…its like a primer and will seal off the stains and smell

couple coats of Kilz and you are ready to lay down new carpet. Done it on two different projects.