How do you do a sub-2 and not trigger the "due-on-sale"clause?

Make the payments in full and on time!

Most lenders find out about a DOS violation because the property insurance changes to the new owner.


You could do power of attorney…

How does a POA not trigger the DOS?

In reality any transfer of title can trigger the DOS.


POS/ DOS Pwr of attny… For leagal advise ask ur attny

OH well

if you really want to protect yourself. Leave his insurance in place. Get a new insurance policy. Have him deed you the property into a land trust. Have him sign a trust agreement with him as the beneficiary of the trust. Then have him sign an assignment of beneficial interest to you.

The bank can’t call a loan due when it is transferred into a land trust for the benefit of the mortgagor…the seller, that’s federal law. Even thou your really the beneficiary… the lender won’t know unless someone has a big mouth since the trust agreement and your assignment contract are never recorded.

Just make the payments on time and don’t worry about land trusts.