Sub 2....what if prev. owner dies?

Maybe a morbid question, but what if you take a property subject 2, and the first owner dies? Will this cause any problems at all?

Not at all.

Think about it this way…
Say you buy a house, using cash, a new loan, whatever…however, that house is 150 years old.
The owner, from 150 years ago is dead.

Does this have ANY effect on you what=so=ever?


Same thing here…when you BUY subject to, you OWN the house, so the status of the PREVIOUS owner, has no bearing on you, or the house, at all.

Make sense?

Jim FL

I think she is asking b/c she is wondering about whether the mortgage company would notice and call the loan due or something.

Regardless, I’ve had clients call in to refi their deceased parents mortgages after they’ve been paying on it for several years. I don’t think you’ll have an issue.