sub 2 to owner financing

I’ve read a lot about the trust way of taking ownership of a sub2 property. And truly don’t know anything about it other than it sounds very complicated.

How hard would it be to resell the property from the trust and or get your buyers out if they didn’t pay?
Has anyone owner financed a sub 2 and if they didn’t pay how easy is it to get them out of the property?

I did one sub 2 about 3 years ago…and then lease optioned it to my buyer until they could cash me out. Of course you can’t do lease options over 179 days anymore in Texas.

When I tried to sell to my optionee…my title company almost wouldn’t close the deal because of the trusts.
They warned me if I EVER tied up a property in a trust they wouldn’t close. Of course I haven’t since I’m in Hootville with only two title companys.

Give me answers so that I can learn.
Great $uccess,

You may want to try contacting Walley Tingley, a real estate lawyer in Texas. He’s done some good deals for local investors.

He used to have what’s called a Wally Wrap, but now he has a Wally Lease.