sub-2 pay off

I have recived a property sub-2 filed the warranty deed at the local title company. So at this point i show up as the owner of the property. At this point i all so did a paper giving the mortgage company the right to give me information on the morgage as well. My question come in this. Can i request a cash pay off on the mortgage? And if so would they discount the note for a cash pay off? And make the cash pay off more close to the value of the property and may be a bit less ? This would be just to clear a bad debt from there books

I think you meant to say you asked your title company to take to the recorder’s office the Warranty Deed for recording… Which after recording makes you the constructive owner.

As for your questions

  1. Yes you can request a beneficiary statement.

  2. Will they discount the note? Highly unlikely, more like NO however no is a big two letter word. You would have had to short it prior to your constructive notice.

Good luck.

What recorders office i thought that was the title company? Where else would you get it recorded and what would it cost to get the warranty deed filed ? Can you ask for a pay off from the mortgage company and would they give a discount for the pay off ? Can you get the property refied in a short time after the warranty deed is filed ?