sub 2 paperwork

im doing my first sub 2 deal, what paperwork do i need besides purchase and sale contract?
also im making up about 4 months of back payments and taxes, how do i protect myself here, i dont want to pay this off for him and then have him back out after i paid and then i dont have the deed, so how does this work?

Are you planning on closing yourself or through lawyer/title company?

Purchase and Sale agreement will tie the property up, but you will need the deed to the house. The way I have done it before is by promising to make the backpayments after closing. Once I got the deed, I made the backpayments.

Fadi is correct. Don’t pay or do anything until the deed is signed over to you. The old saying of get the deed get the door is really a good one. Before you pay off the back payments be sure to have your title company do a title search and give you a title commitment so that you can see if there are any skeletons lurking in the closet.