sub 2 owner is dying

I am trying to sub 2 a lady who is dying house. She is going to lose it if I dont and she wants to not lose it but how would that work if we did a sub 2 and she died 6mths later?? Help Please

Does anyone have a better suggestion or know if wachovia will let someone assume loans? Thanks soooooo much

is there equity?

It is worth 45,000 amd she owes 30,000

go ahead and buy… Either as in Trust or in a Corp… when the lender calls the loan if they do then refi… as long as you have 35% equity youre fine…

What would you say they do if there was no equity in the property and it was bought sub-2

Yeah What would you say then??? Thx

I glad to see iam not the only one with that question

As there is not all ways equity in the homes you can and do get with a sub-2 iam finding out the ones with no equity are a lot more of them

And iam wondering should you get them for one ?

As well if you do what do you do with them once you have them ?