Sub-2 Hud 1

I don’t post much so most of you won’t know of me. I read and learn from these boards. In fact this board is where I have gotten 99% of my understanding of CREI. You people are great teachers and don"t even know it. I’m into my 3rd Sub-2 and have noticed my sellers want or need some kind of itemized list of who is paying what, helps them picture the deal I suppose. My question is, would it be a good thing to use the Hud-1 for these folks?

I’m going to opine off the subject, what is all the fuse about the dreaded DOS. If there is one thing I have learned here is to choose your deals wisely, due-diligents, have exit strategy ready, and pounse. I have the property re-sold and the bank paid before they can blink an eye. Just my 2-cents.

Based on what you said, the Hud 1 might be good, it shows who is paying what fees when you close and if you can walk them through it and explain, even better.