sub 2 contracts

what are the type of contracts that you would use to flip a sub 2 deal on all ends of the deal

from start buying from seller to finish selling to buyer


In the buyer portion of the Purchase and Sale Agreement place your name (or the name of your company) and [and/or Assigns].

The issue with this is having the sellers (and their agent if they have one) on board. Sometimes they’ll play crazy and return my offer without it being a mirror image of what I signed. Usually a polite mentioning of the fact that the my contract stated “Kelly M. Lynch And/Or Assigns” as the buyer needs to be there is enough…BUT sometimes the agent will be a problem.

If the deal is sweet, I will still sign the contract and then during escrow submit an adendum to the contract that all the forms must state “Kelly M. Lynch And/Or Assigns”. If you’re dealing with motivated sellers this shouldn’t be a problem. I try to have this in every contract but it’s not a deal breaker.

Hope this helps.